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This antique cabinet photo of young woman shows off the style of the times for college students over a century ago, and the Honor Society Museum feels so privileged to get this glimpse into the past. he Honor Society Museum is dedicated to preserving the awards and accolades of the leaders of our past soContinue Reading
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While there are texts that contain at least 300 years of information, Phi Beta Kappa also felt it would be easier to break down their history into segments for future generations to read about. This is best illustrated by this book, “Fifty Years of Phi Beta Kappa at Stanford,” covering the years 1891-1941. Phi BetaContinue Reading
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Aside from antique items, the Honor Society Museum also works to preserve very RARE items, like this 1936 Los Angeles Banks School Savings/Associate Honor Pupil Thrift Certificate. The Honor Society Museum believes in preserving the rich history, values, and traditions of honor societies from both the past and present. Many of the accolades and awardsContinue Reading
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It’s amazing to take a look back into time to see what the fearless leaders of our past looked like in their youth. Look at those big smiles on this panoramic class photo of the Sophomore Class at Carleton College in 1947. This is nearly an 80-year old photo, and yet you can clearly seeContinue Reading
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The Honor Society Museum houses a large number of different pins and medals, ranging from the 1700’s to today. Here is a Williamsburg Virginia Medal from 1976. While this is relatively modern, don’t forget that 1976 was still 43 years ago! Many of the medals have been updated to reflect the look and feel ofContinue Reading
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While members of these societies often wore badges, the presidents of these chapters often received special pins to wear all at once, like these vintage Phi Beta Kappa Society Chapter President medals. Items like this and many others show how the members of yesterday, as well as today, show off their pride for their organizationContinue Reading
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Dartmouth College Phi Beta Kappa Catalog 1851
1851 catalog of Dartmouth Phi Beta Kappa members, officers and past members. Lists past members by class from 1787 through 1851. The catalog is 39 pages long. Daniel Webster is listed as a member from the class of 1801.Continue Reading
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Honor Society Washington DC Member Trip 2015
Highlights of the HonorSociety.org member trip to Washington D.C. in July 2015. Locations visited included the National Mall, Vietnam Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, White House, Museum of Tolerance, Newseum, Supreme Court, U.S. Capital Building, Air Force Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, King’s Dominion Theme Park, Alexandria Colonial Tour, Mount Vernon and much more. HonorSociety.org members on theContinue Reading
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Honor Society Los Angeles Member Trip
Highlights of the HonorSociety.org member trip to Los Angeles in December 2014. Locations visited included the Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood Bowl, Space Shuttle Endeavour, Made Tussaud’s Wax Museum, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Paramount Studios, Universal Studios Hollywood, Dave & Buster’s and much more. The trip also included a member banquet where the members listened toContinue Reading
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